Sunday, July 13, 2014

Well hello there

Its been a little over a year since I've posted. It's time to get back into the groove of a blog again.

To say the past 14 months have been easy would be a complete lie.

Let's go back.

In June of 2013, my husband took over a company. It was good in the beginning and then it went to hell in a hand basket. First of July, our daughter turned 2. My husband and I made a trip to New Orleans to get away. Life was getting crazy. Mid July we left Huntsville. We could no longer afford it. It broke our hearts to leave a house, a new life we had made for ourselves and the city. We moved back to his hometown.

He took a job there that was a MAJOR paycut to our family. In September he decided to quit that job and go to school to get his CDL's. He started that job in November. Those months were ROUGH!

Our son turned 1 in September of 2013.

My husband is now a TRAINER for the company he works for. Our daughter just turned 3 about 2 weeks ago. Our son is approaching 2 :( TIME SLOW DOWN

and I start college July 15th.

Come September, we will be moving again. Our house not big enough for us anymore.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

If your from Huntsville or live in Huntsville you may take this site here for granted.

When I was about 16, I was driving through this SAME area about 2 o'clock in the morning with my mom and dad headed on vacation. I loved the Rocket! It was 2 am what were we gonna do? So we just kept trucking!I never came back until I was probably 20 years old.

My husband and I were living in Phil Campbell at the time and decided to come to Huntsville and shop. I took the Rocket for granted not seeing the beauty in it.

When my husband told me that we were moving to Huntsville, I wanted a view of the Rocket! Haha. The first day I was here, I begged him to drive me by. He did! Every time for about 5 months I would get so excited about passing by the rocket and my daughter saying "ooo wee" right along with me.

Now that I don't travel to that part of town much, I don't see it that often,but when I do you can bet I look at it and gaze (if I'm not driving).

Point of this post is, look around you, do you see anything you might take for granted?

I've never been really into "Nasa" but I've always wanted to learn more about it and I surely want to learn about the Rockets that are outside of the Space and Rocket City here in Huntsville. One day, I might just do that!

Country Mouse or City Mouse?

When I saw this topic I got all excited. I love comparing the country to the city!

Growing up, I lived in the country. I'm talking about you had to drive 10 miles to a gas station which that town only had a 4 way stop. 30 miles to Wal-Mart and the community I lived in didn't have anything but a school, that's it! Wait one time we had a pool hall that got shut down (hahah). Growing up though all I ever said is "I can't wait to move to the city!" When we traveled we always went to the city and that's where I got my love for it. I love being able to try new things, see different things and so on. Well when I moved to Alabama, I moved to a 'small town' they did have red lights at least! Then we moved to Huntsville,Alabama. Oh what a shocker that was.

You see growing up, city was the city. I didn't think about prices, what'd I miss, what I wouldn't miss. It was just there and I wanted to move there (whichever city that might be).

So I sat tonight and compared some prices of real estate. That what the first shocker to me. In Mississippi you can get a 3 bedroom house for rent for about $350 out in the country and it be pretty nice. In our home in PC, it was a 2bedroom for $350. Huntsville, 3 bedroom 2 bath for $850 a month! Wait I can pay a house note for that price!

In Cumberland there is a house listed ,4 bedrooms 2 bath 6,500sqft for.... $214,000
In Phil Campbell there is a house listed 4 bedrooms 2 bath 4,500 sqft for $225,000
In Huntsville there is a house listed 4 bedrooms 3 bath 6,500 sqft for 1,699,000

Granted housing market is completely different, styles of homes are completely different and the way of living is as well but it just came to a huge shocker to me when I saw it all placed together.

Country- What I love and what I hate about it.

That I can walk out my front door and see NO neighboors
That I can see the stars great
That I can hear the crickets in the background
The small town feel- going in the grocery store knowing everyone.
Having a huge backyard
Going Mud Riding
Knowing everyone.
Community pulling together when something bad happens
Mom and Pop places

Nothing to do at all for fun
Getting into trouble because well you just don't have anything to do
So far away from everything

City-What I love and what I hate about it

Rush Hour! Yes, I said it, I love rush hour
Always coming across something new
The mall is literally 5 minutes away
Hearing the sirens at night
You don't have to travel 45 miles to get somewhere
Eating out is great :)

That I can't see the stars all that great
Having nosey neighboors (even though I do love one set of neighboors)
Being so far away from the country and family
Not seeing the same people twice in a grocery store
If you move here, you hardly ever see someone you know out and about
Seeing the homeless (it breaks my heart)
Wrecks (these folks don't know how to drive)
Not being able to turn the local news on without hearing about a shooting

All in all I believe I am both a country and city mouse combined. I love being in the country, that's my roots and my life. Some of the greatest memories I have is of riding the tractor with my daddy. However, I have some pretty great memories of being in the city, not just Huntsville. Odd as it may be to me and my close friends, now I live in the city. I don't regret it but I also don't love it like I thought I was as a teenager. I do though, have the best of both worlds.I can always go home for a few days if I miss the country and my family is always coming up to see what is going on in the Rocket City.


Remember those old dining room table chairs? Well my sister had 3 that she was going to throw away so I got them. I never knew what I would do with them but today in a split second it hit me!

So I got in my husband's shop to see what color paints where in there.
I found red.
Painted it completely.
Then decided to distress it with white.
Then I grabbed my blue spray paint out and hit it in different areas.
Took some paint and wrote welcome.

Now all of this wasn't simple.
It took me all day long to do this.
Alot of trail and error.
Then to realize the paint was oil based so therefore it would not come off of my hands which then in turn ended up all over the house.

The finished product- I'm not totally happy with it but it's my first one so I'm ok with it

Pumpkin into Vase!

I've always wondered what I'd do with the pumpkin my mom gave me for my kitchen! It used to hold candy but then my daughter saw all the candy and thought she had to have it every time she went to the kitchen!

Well since my flowers and roses are looking beautiful today ,why not bring them inside?

Remember the pumpkin?
If you don't remember it find out here!

After grabbing my flowers and roses it now looks like
this and looks beautiful in my kitchen in my opinion!

Homemade Mod Podge

Ever want to mod podge something and you just don't have any left? We all know how expensive it is at craft stores too!

Elmer's Glue (4oz bottle)

Take a 4oz bottle of Elmer's Glue, put all of it into a container jar or whatever you use.
Then fill the bottle of Glue up with water.

Screw on the lid of your container and shake!

Then you have Mod Podge!

Hints of Blue

As you already know, I love blue. If you read my post about my orange and blue kitchen then you know! Click here if not!

I decided to also spray paint some more items that I had that looked kinda blah and turn it into something pretty to stand against my orange walls!

 Basket was white (as you can tell you can see it in spots, but that's how I like it). I purchased it awhile back at a thrift store for $1
 Yes it's a pumpkin and yes it stays in my kitchen all year! My momma gave me this! It was clear but it looks better now! Make sure the spray paint you decide to use works well on glass!
Canvas that was spray painted blue then I used scrapbook paper cut out my letters and mod podge them on!

 Homemade Mod Podge Recipe