Wednesday, May 8, 2013

If your from Huntsville or live in Huntsville you may take this site here for granted.

When I was about 16, I was driving through this SAME area about 2 o'clock in the morning with my mom and dad headed on vacation. I loved the Rocket! It was 2 am what were we gonna do? So we just kept trucking!I never came back until I was probably 20 years old.

My husband and I were living in Phil Campbell at the time and decided to come to Huntsville and shop. I took the Rocket for granted not seeing the beauty in it.

When my husband told me that we were moving to Huntsville, I wanted a view of the Rocket! Haha. The first day I was here, I begged him to drive me by. He did! Every time for about 5 months I would get so excited about passing by the rocket and my daughter saying "ooo wee" right along with me.

Now that I don't travel to that part of town much, I don't see it that often,but when I do you can bet I look at it and gaze (if I'm not driving).

Point of this post is, look around you, do you see anything you might take for granted?

I've never been really into "Nasa" but I've always wanted to learn more about it and I surely want to learn about the Rockets that are outside of the Space and Rocket City here in Huntsville. One day, I might just do that!

Country Mouse or City Mouse?

When I saw this topic I got all excited. I love comparing the country to the city!

Growing up, I lived in the country. I'm talking about you had to drive 10 miles to a gas station which that town only had a 4 way stop. 30 miles to Wal-Mart and the community I lived in didn't have anything but a school, that's it! Wait one time we had a pool hall that got shut down (hahah). Growing up though all I ever said is "I can't wait to move to the city!" When we traveled we always went to the city and that's where I got my love for it. I love being able to try new things, see different things and so on. Well when I moved to Alabama, I moved to a 'small town' they did have red lights at least! Then we moved to Huntsville,Alabama. Oh what a shocker that was.

You see growing up, city was the city. I didn't think about prices, what'd I miss, what I wouldn't miss. It was just there and I wanted to move there (whichever city that might be).

So I sat tonight and compared some prices of real estate. That what the first shocker to me. In Mississippi you can get a 3 bedroom house for rent for about $350 out in the country and it be pretty nice. In our home in PC, it was a 2bedroom for $350. Huntsville, 3 bedroom 2 bath for $850 a month! Wait I can pay a house note for that price!

In Cumberland there is a house listed ,4 bedrooms 2 bath 6,500sqft for.... $214,000
In Phil Campbell there is a house listed 4 bedrooms 2 bath 4,500 sqft for $225,000
In Huntsville there is a house listed 4 bedrooms 3 bath 6,500 sqft for 1,699,000

Granted housing market is completely different, styles of homes are completely different and the way of living is as well but it just came to a huge shocker to me when I saw it all placed together.

Country- What I love and what I hate about it.

That I can walk out my front door and see NO neighboors
That I can see the stars great
That I can hear the crickets in the background
The small town feel- going in the grocery store knowing everyone.
Having a huge backyard
Going Mud Riding
Knowing everyone.
Community pulling together when something bad happens
Mom and Pop places

Nothing to do at all for fun
Getting into trouble because well you just don't have anything to do
So far away from everything

City-What I love and what I hate about it

Rush Hour! Yes, I said it, I love rush hour
Always coming across something new
The mall is literally 5 minutes away
Hearing the sirens at night
You don't have to travel 45 miles to get somewhere
Eating out is great :)

That I can't see the stars all that great
Having nosey neighboors (even though I do love one set of neighboors)
Being so far away from the country and family
Not seeing the same people twice in a grocery store
If you move here, you hardly ever see someone you know out and about
Seeing the homeless (it breaks my heart)
Wrecks (these folks don't know how to drive)
Not being able to turn the local news on without hearing about a shooting

All in all I believe I am both a country and city mouse combined. I love being in the country, that's my roots and my life. Some of the greatest memories I have is of riding the tractor with my daddy. However, I have some pretty great memories of being in the city, not just Huntsville. Odd as it may be to me and my close friends, now I live in the city. I don't regret it but I also don't love it like I thought I was as a teenager. I do though, have the best of both worlds.I can always go home for a few days if I miss the country and my family is always coming up to see what is going on in the Rocket City.


Remember those old dining room table chairs? Well my sister had 3 that she was going to throw away so I got them. I never knew what I would do with them but today in a split second it hit me!

So I got in my husband's shop to see what color paints where in there.
I found red.
Painted it completely.
Then decided to distress it with white.
Then I grabbed my blue spray paint out and hit it in different areas.
Took some paint and wrote welcome.

Now all of this wasn't simple.
It took me all day long to do this.
Alot of trail and error.
Then to realize the paint was oil based so therefore it would not come off of my hands which then in turn ended up all over the house.

The finished product- I'm not totally happy with it but it's my first one so I'm ok with it

Pumpkin into Vase!

I've always wondered what I'd do with the pumpkin my mom gave me for my kitchen! It used to hold candy but then my daughter saw all the candy and thought she had to have it every time she went to the kitchen!

Well since my flowers and roses are looking beautiful today ,why not bring them inside?

Remember the pumpkin?
If you don't remember it find out here!

After grabbing my flowers and roses it now looks like
this and looks beautiful in my kitchen in my opinion!

Homemade Mod Podge

Ever want to mod podge something and you just don't have any left? We all know how expensive it is at craft stores too!

Elmer's Glue (4oz bottle)

Take a 4oz bottle of Elmer's Glue, put all of it into a container jar or whatever you use.
Then fill the bottle of Glue up with water.

Screw on the lid of your container and shake!

Then you have Mod Podge!

Hints of Blue

As you already know, I love blue. If you read my post about my orange and blue kitchen then you know! Click here if not!

I decided to also spray paint some more items that I had that looked kinda blah and turn it into something pretty to stand against my orange walls!

 Basket was white (as you can tell you can see it in spots, but that's how I like it). I purchased it awhile back at a thrift store for $1
 Yes it's a pumpkin and yes it stays in my kitchen all year! My momma gave me this! It was clear but it looks better now! Make sure the spray paint you decide to use works well on glass!
Canvas that was spray painted blue then I used scrapbook paper cut out my letters and mod podge them on!

 Homemade Mod Podge Recipe

Boring Spice Rack into Your Own!

So I've said I wanted blue items to go into my orange kitchen because I just love how orange and blue look together. Not your boring dark blue but like an ocean blue. Over the weekend we went to Lowe's and they had spray paint on sale. SCORE! So I picked the color I wanted. Came home and looked around in my kitchen. I won't go out and buy something new just because I want it. Heck, I don't buy anything new anyhow. If I buy things for the home, it's more than likely from the Thrift Store or from Michaels. If it's from Michaels, it's on sale and then I must have a coupon.

One project I did was turning my boring spice rack that was given to us for our wedding shower into something not so boring.
First make sure you clean it off really good then take it completely apart!

There you have it! It's not perfect. It has some spots where I missed (on purpose). I don't like things to look 'neat' and like it came out of a magazine. I don't like to be 'original'. If you don't want any spots then be sure to paint it evently all over!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Full Bio

   I'm a true Mississippi girl, born and raised, and I'm proud of that! I was born in 90 so yes I'm a 90's baby! I was born into a well, let's just say this a family that was already a family lol! I always pick at my mom that I was a mistake. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. My oldest brother is 17 years older than me, my other brother is 15 years older than me and my sister is 12 years older than me, so yes I consider myself an opps but oh so glad I was! I have a wonderful mom and dad that I love more than anything! My mom is my best friend and yes I'm a true daddy's girl at heart! I was raised in a very and I mean very small town  community. We didn't have a store or anything! I went to a very small 1A school that at the time I loved.
   My dad was/is a preacher so I was raised in church and yes I'm a christian! We lived in 2 different towns growing up and always  traveled, (yes that's where I get my love for traveling). Since I was so much younger than my siblings it was like I was the only child after about the age of 9. I traveled alot with just myself and my parents. I remember getting in the car on the weekend and us just riding with no destination in mind.

    I played soccer and tennis in my teen years and yes I love both sports to this day (even though I don't play anymore). About the ages of 12-13 I went through alot of medical problems where no one knew (and still to this day,never knew) what was wrong. 

   I don't say I have any regrets because I learned from my many mistakes, but if I could take some things back and re-do them, I would in a heartbeat. In my teen years I got mixed up in the wrong crowd. I hung out with people I shouldn't and I'm thankful to be alive now. I did a lot of stupid stuff like most teens. I put my friends and what I was doing ahead of my family and that's what I wish I could change the most. I hurt my family pretty bad (even if they won't say I did) during those times. 

  I finally got serious in college and changed my major to Criminal Justice and that's when I truly opened my eyes and changed my lifestyle.

  Soon after that is when I met my now husband. Now, I live in Huntsville Alabama with two amazing kids that I love more than life itself.  To read more about my family click here!

Where have you traveled?
  Well I have never flown but one day I hope to do so. Saying that, everything I've went  anywhere it's been driving. I like it that way, because I like to explore. If I see a cute little store on the side of the road, I can stop in! Meet the locals, eat at the diners, and just explore America.

I've been all over the state of Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. 
I've been to New York City and can not wait to go back.
I've been to New Orleans more times than I can count.
I've been all over the Florida Panhandle.
I've been to Atlanta, GA.
I've been to Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio,West Virginia, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland,Delaware, and Pennsylvania. 

My all time favorite cities are New York City and Nashville.

If I could go anywhere where would it be?
Back to NYC. Go to Washington DC, Dallas Texas, Hollywood. 
Overseas: Paris, London, and Italy.

Little things about me:
I hate comedy shows but catch myself laughing at them.
I'm a smoker that is trying so hard to quit.
I love Dr. Pepper. No I seriously have to have one almost everyday.
I love anything pasta related.
I'm seriously a cheapskate. I hate to pay full price for anything.
I'm a couponer. With a binder and all. Don't mess with me in the store!
I have to sleep with a comforter on me, no matter if its 100 degrees or 10.
I love chick flicks.
I make lists for everything and I do mean everything!
My cell phone and laptop is almost always dead.
I'm very anal about bills and budgeting.
My desk is always a wreck.

My dream:

I don't guess it's really a dream but it is what I want for myself and my family.

I one day want to open a consignment store. 
I want to buy old run down houses ( I mean almost falling apart) and fix them back up.
and that's pretty much it!

Wanna know more about me ask! I do live in the South and there is no such thing as nosey to me!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Homemade Play-Doh

The other day was a dreary day. Just not a day for my oldest to be outside, she seemed bored and I was in the creative mood. So we searched the internet until I found something for us to do! Coloring just didn't seem it so I came up with well let's see if we can make play-doh! I had everything in the cabinet and well we did and it was a TON of fun! It made this momma feel like a little girl again, which is always a good thing right?

What do you need?

2 cups of flour
2 cups of water
1 cup of salt
2 tablespoons of cream of tatar
2 teaspoons of oil

Mix it all together in the same boiler. Put it on the oven and stir constantly.

It'll look like that right there at first! Keep stiring it'll get thick
Like the picture below

Then it'll form into this dough like thing lol
Knead it together at first. We decided to do 4 colors so I separated it into 4 different "balls" and adding our dye.

Knead it together until it's the color you want!

My advice though, put a glove on or put your hand in a plastic bag to knead it or your fingers and hand will be dyed like mine!

As you can see, we had fun mixing it together!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

He said "Whatever, go ahead"

Ok! So I'm just putting this down on my blog for the simple reason when my husband says I don't like this or  why'd you do that..I can point him to this post here.

I go into the living room after looking at my kitchen. My wall colors are orange and I love that color. But nothing popped. So I was thinking a can of turquoise spray paint would do the trick. So I ask him what do you think about an orange kitchen with accent of turquoise? His response "How many people just say that want a turquoise kitchen?" My response "Me apparently" He just looks at me like I'm crazy.

I finally just say ok I'm going to start doing stuff decorating wise without asking you then if you like it you do, if you don't you'll just have to live with it! He said Ok go ahead! So there we have it folks, this girl has the go ahead to put my true style on the house! :)

One of those days!

Oh today has been one of those days. One that you're just ready to go to bed but have so much on your mind and wonder how you even made it through the day.

Let me start by saying I was up with not only one but BOTH of my babies til 3:30 this morning. Neither one wanted to sleep. My daughter finally went to sleep only to wake up ill. We had a major doctor appointment for my son this afternoon and well, it wasn't the smoothest doctor office visit we've had. My dear daughter was a nut case to put it lightly lol.

We finally got some answers and will be going to the hospital tomorrow for my son to have an ultrasound on his brain. We've waited long enough and now that we are here to get answers I have to say, I'm scared. Scared to know what we might find out. Say a prayer for us!

Now I'm off to be lazy, search the internet for projects to do to take my mind off of things and then put of some posts of what we've been doing the last few days!

Much Love,

The girl behind the blog!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's been 2 years

April 27th, 2011, do you remember that day? To some it was just another day, to many it was a day that will never be forgotten. Lives were lost and homes were destroyed. I was impacted twice by the outcome of that storm and here is my story.

In March of 2011, I moved back to Mississippi, to stay with my family (that's personal we won't go there).

The week before April 27th, my parents were at church, I was at home, storms were coming tornadoes apparently. I was pregnant, scared, and didn't know what to do.

The week leading up to April 27th, weathermen were talking about how bad it was going to be. That Monday, I was in the hospital going into early labor. I spent the next day just relaxing. I remember April 26th, about 10:00 my parents and I going to bed that night. My dad looked outside and said I think it's going to be okay, go ahead and go to bed.

I was extremely scared, I went to bed anyhow. That morning around 2:30 I guess, I heard my daddy screaming get in the hall now! See we always road the storm out, we didn't go anywhere. For a split second, that seemed like an hour, I got out of the bed, looking at the window and seeing trees just blowing. I ran to the hall, pregnant and all, I slid. I remember my mom and dad praying. We were in the hall and all I could think about was my baby in my belly praying for her to be okay. We heard noises, something like a train coming over, we heard metal hitting things, trees snapping. Soon it went over.  My aunt, uncle, and cousin lived not even a mile up the road. We got a phone call, service was horrible but we understand "She is stuck". Thankfully, even though their trailer was gone completely, they were alive although my aunt was stuck. My aunt made it out with bruises and a very bad eye and my cousin made it out with a knot of her head. But God was there protecting over them. My older cousin made it there to help out, that morning at 5am, my heart truly was heavy. He was nearly married, expecting a baby, just brought a home, and the tornado took it. I heard him crying and asking why. I couldn't believe what all was going on around me. Trees were down, homes were destroyed, the high school was GONE everything was pretty much a mess.

Cumberland, MS April 27th, 2011

My husband came to help clean up. (we won't go there either)

Since tv was gone (no power) we didn't know what was going on around us. We were busy cleaning up, making sure lives were accounted for, and trying to cope what with had just happened.

My husband got a phone call that afternoon, saying Phil Campbell is gone. At the time, we were told our house in PC was gone. Thankfully, it wasn't. But Phil Campbell had been hit with an F5 tornado. I told my husband to go, to go back to his family, his hometown, they needed him.

He got there and I heard from him the next morning and all he could say was "its really bad'.

Homes were destroyed, pretty much the whole town. The highschool was gone, lives were taken (many lives) and Phil Campbell wasn't Phil Campbell.

About a week later, I made it to PC and I was in shock. The town I'd grown to love, was no longer a town, it was a ghost town. People picking up the pieces, trying to find any belongings they had.

I had a home and felt pretty guilty for it. How our house wasn't messed up no more than it was I'll never know.

Phil Campbell, AL April 27th, 2011

Point of this story is, that day, there was a reason I was in Mississippi other than why I choose to be there. God knew that if I was in Phil Campbell that day, I would have either road the storm out in my house, or I would have been at work, or I would have been trying to get to the shelter too late. I am truly blessed to have all of my family still alive. My home was still in tack, my parents home were still in tack and the family that did loose their homes, at least they are still alive.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that was affected by the April 27th, 2011 storms. Not just in Cumberland MS and Phil Campbell AL but everywhere. I know many people have issues now dealing with the storms, I for one am one of them, I know many people that lost their families and they struggle everyday with it to this day. May God comfort you in this day and each day!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Her Artwork

When we moved to our new home there was a wall that was blank. 
My husband came up with the idea to get canvas and let our daughter
paint some artwork for us. Me being me, I wasn't paying the price for canvas,
so I went to Michael's. I brought a 2pack foam boards, that look like canvas for $6. 
Came home, put down a old sheet, with paint, got my babygirl almost naked and she 
painted our artwork.

It's priceless, it's beautiful, and it's perfect.

Not to mention it was cheap :)

DIY: Outdoor Chalkboard

My husband is a contractor/remodeler whatever you wanna call it, he works with a construction/remodeling company. He always has leftover stuff so I talk him into bringing it home.

My daughter loves chalk so we thought an outdoor chalkboard would be perfect

The siding is leftover crown modeling that we cut down to fit a MDF board that we purchased at Home Depot for about $10. We painted it the chalkboard paint that cost about $10 at Wal-Mart.
Put it all together, attached it to the wall( his shop) outside underneath the covered patio and THERE YOU GO! An outdoor chalkboard

That little box thing..hahaha, that's crown modeling cut very tiny that my husband nailed together (and got a nail into his finger) and that holds her chalk.

She loves it and we have "class" outdoors at time!

Home Tour: Our little man's room

Well, considering he is a little boy, he should have a sports room right? Well he does, but its also an Alabama Room!

 This is his door! The vinyls we got at Target for $1.50!!!
The letters I got at Dirt Cheap, brought them home
and painted them! That tote, uh, is toys for when he can play with them
The houndstooth wreath is what was on the door at the hospital.
That deer head, kinda doesn't go with the theme, but that's my
husband's from his old room.
That golf of my husband's hobbies! 
 My daughter wasn't a crib girl so I wasn't buying a crib for him either,
pack n play sounded perfect so we brought one at a yard sale! It was in perfect
condition and only $20
The other vinyls were purchased at Wal-Mart on sale for $5
The diaper holder, my momma made that.
 That table, well my husband's boss was throwing it away.
It's not really a table, its a hamper but I made it a table.

Home Tour: Little Girl's Room

When we moved to our new home one bedroom was painted green. I didn't like it at first, I wanted it pink. Then it grew on me, I didn't wanna paint it. We turned that room, into our little girls room! She is in love (that's an understatement) with Minnie Mouse! So of course, we did her room in nothing other than Minnie and Daisy!

 This is her door. These are vinyl stickers that were on sale at Wal-Mart for $5 
Ya'll know I'm not paying full price for hardly anything!
 Her room! Don't you love the high windows?
The rug we got on sale at Home Depot for $7.99 (Great price in my opinion)
 The mirror is on the wall in that odd spot because we are one day
going to make her a "dress up" area! 
Stay tuned for that.

That white dresser, well that was mine when I was a youngin'
It was painted white for her nursery (along with that mirror)
Soon we are refinishing that again. 
Ideas on what color?
 We were at Home Goods looking for stuff to go into our new home.
We came across this on sale for $12
Since my husband sings this to her, we had to have it!

 Not so proud of this. It was a "lets fix it now" kinda thing
It didn't turn out like I wanted it to, so we are going to "re-do"
one day!
 Her Minnie Mouse Kitchen my mother in law made for her

 Paintings from her nursery that my sister painted
that will go with her throughout her years!

 Both pictures are paintings my sister also made for her!


My husband always picks at my parents. Every time they come, they have a jeep full of stuff. Well it's true but I love it. The last time they came up, they brought my old toy box/bench.
I was going to refinish it and put it in my little girls room, but after looking around the house, I have found the perfect spot for it!

That baby there is about to get refinished. (THIS WEEKEND YAY) 
and it will make its new home somewhere in my house!

Stay tuned for the how to and where we are putting it!

Our Love Story

Some people have asked me to share my love story. I won't share it all, yet.It's kinda personal, but one day, I hope with the help of my husband, I can share it all. We have talked before about writing a book but I don't know just yet.

Little history on us:
He's from Alabama, I'm from Mississippi. You might ask, how did you meet?
POF! We were both on a dating site, I wasn't looking for a relationship (and nothing in particular) and he wasn't either. God had other plans.
We messaged back and forth for awhile and then finally exchanged phone numbers. After taking non stop for a week he made a trip to Mississippi to meet me (yes, we met in Wal-Mart parking lot, I could take you to the exact location anytime). After having our "date" we said our goodbyes and I thought it'd be the last time I saw him. Boy was I wrong. The next morning, my mom woke me up saying "Your phone is going off". I checked it and I had like 6 missed phones call, he had stayed overnight and wanted to see me again. Now, the night before I got all "dolled up". That day, nope, I brushed my hair and teeth, but jeans and a t-shirt on and paired it with some flip flops and NO MAKEUP. I got there and said "this is me". He wanted to come back to my house, so he met my parents that day (YIKES, my daddy is a hard man to please). Anyhow, he left later that day. That night he called and said I LOVE YOU!
We started dating to say the least. We took turn making trips to see each other.  After about 3 weeks of dating, he proposed and I knew he was the man for me.
Not long after that  I moved to Alabama and we got married about 6 months later.
Yeah, it's been a LONG crazy, emotional, heartbreaking, happy, and learning road but we've made it despite some saying "get a divorce"!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

$60 adds up!

Power Bill

Today, the power bill came in. Some hate that, normally I do. Today though, I was excited. I called my husband while he was working for him to share my excitement. You might think I'm crazy but I was jumping for joy.

You see last month about the middle of the month, I told my husband put me up a clothes line outside. Yeah we live in the middle of the city in a nice neigborhood, let's be country and put a clothesline up! Well, everyday that it was pretty outside I would hang our clothes to dry. 

Instead of using the dishwasher to wash dishes, I hand washed every one of them. It started to seem I had to wash them before and after the dishwasher anyhow so why not get them clean the first time. 

There was some pretty hot days in Alabama last month instead of turning my AC on like normal, I just raised the windows.

What do you know, our power bill was $60 cheaper and even had 4 more days than the last month.

To some , $60 isn't alot. Ok that's great for you. For us, that's $60 that could go to another bill, go towards debt, or go towards saving for a new car.

That's $720 a year!
 My next goal, to get it $20 cheaper than this month. 
I'll let you know if I do! 

It's ok, it's only a little change

As I stated in my last post, once we moved to Huntsville I had to be frugal. I had to figure out a way to cut cost, even if it was $1. You see, my husband works as a construction/roofer. He doesn't do much "labor work" yeah, he's gonna hurt me, but he does more so of the sales. It's a great job, don't get me wrong. He loves it and I'm glad he does. However, there is good weeks, really good weeks, bad weeks, and then just plain, "what are we gonna do weeks". Once I realized that, that's when I had to save save and save!

I sat down with my husband and we had to figure out a way. With one child at the time, we knew we had to.  I wanted so badly to find a job, then we found out I was pregnant again and was told the pregnancy was going to be very high risk. I decided to not work, I couldn't.

I started finding ways of how to save money. You know turning off the lights, unplugging my straightener, not getting a drink every time I saw Sonic, the little stuff.

After I had our son, oh my, the days were crazy because he was born at 28 weeks. I kinda skipped out on couponing and saving money it just wasn't in me anymore.

Once we moved to our new house where we are now, I knew then, it's time. I can now decorate this home how I want, do what I want to the yard (so to speak) and be creative.

We changed our lifestyle some, not alot. We're still happy. We don't go out as much but with 2 kids, it's kind of hard to do that anyways. We are a happy little family that spends the evenings outdoors and our Saturday's working in the yard. Yes we're in our early 20's and we feel 40 but we're happy and that's all that matters.


What does frugal mean?

According to the dictionary frugal means:
Practicing or marked by economy, as in the expenditure of money or the use of material resources 
Spending less

What does frugal mean to others?

Well, I've read that it means being "cheap", being "lazy", being "poor", or just "trashy".

Ok all of those words but one is offensive to me. I will be the first one to ever tell you, yes I am cheap!

How did it start out that I was frugal?

Well, if you ask my mom now she will tell you "I never would have thought you out of all the kids would be this way" She has once told me that. In a way, made me feel great, in another way, woman what are you talking about! See growing up, we weren't poor, we weren't rich either. I never went without. I had the toys I wanted, traveled, and it was nothing to ask my parents for money, a car, a cell phone, or whatever during those teenage years. Well, looking back now, I took advantage of that. My parents work/worked hard all their lives, still do, and I took advantage of their money and never knew the true meaning of a dollar. My mom raised me to know that it was ok to shop at thrift stores, to go to yard sales and my sister thought me how to dumpster dive.

Once I moved to Alabama with my now husband, point blank we were broke as broke could be. I remember one night, that now looking back on we laugh about it. I wanted some chocolate, we didn't have alot of money but we got alot of change together and went to the vending machine in town and got whatever we could with the money. That was our treat for the month. Once we got married I knew we had to figure out a way to make it in life. I tried to be frugal, didn't quite get it, didn't quite want to get it. I started couponing though and that saved us. When I moved back to Mississippi during that time, I knew I had to be frugal. Whatever cost I could cut in half I had to. Once I moved to HSV, yeah that's when it all started!

I will share my experiences with you, tell you and show you how I'm frugal and the way I cut cost. Just because I am cheap, doesn't mean I live cheap. We still eat what we want, my kids wear nice clothes, my home and yard looks nice, and we live a pretty happy lifestyle! Join me on this journey of being frugal! Cutting cost, couldn't hurt anyone!