That girl over there, yeah that's me, Leah! I'm in my 20's and  mommy to 2 wonderful kids. I'm married to my soul-mate . I live in a very small community, not a town, a community lol.
     I'm a blogger, a not so talented writer, a crafter, diy-er, couponer and a girl that likes to find the "shortcuts" in everything.
     If you want to know more click here!
About the Blog:

Well, I love to write, even if it's not the correct way, even if it's in my slang Mississippi words and I love to share my experiences. I love to find the shortcuts in life. I share my experiences in doing so, crafting, diying, fixing up my house to make it a home, and parenting. Even though I am a couponer, this blog is not about couponing. I may share some of my tips but I by no means am ready for a coupon blog!


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