The Fam-ily

That boy over there, yeah that's my husband! We have been through oh so much! We have been married since August of 2010! He's my best friend, the one that tells me I can when I say I can't. The one that tells me like it is, whether I like it or not. The one that has made me cry, but has also been there to wipe my tears away. The one that is my handyman, the one that does my pinterest projects even if he doesn't want to. The one that brings the money home. And the father of both my babies! Read how we met here

That girl there, yeah she's my babygirl! ! She knows how to get messy, play sports, but also knows how to put a dress on and a bow in her hair. She loves minnie mouse! She's been through quite a lot with mommy and has always been my rock. If it weren't for her, I don't know where I'd be, what'd I do, or what kind of emotional state I'd be in. She's truly mommy's girl and mommy's best friend.

That little boy there, he's mommy's little man!  He was born in Sept of 2012 and lets just say, in that short amount of time he's been born. He's been through alot. More than most have at the age of 20. He was born nearly 13 weeks early. Came close to experiencing death more than once, but all in all, he's pulled through. We have our battles still and we don't quite know what the future holds but he's a strong fella. God has major plans for him. He opened my eyes to my faith, that it wasn't quite right. He opened my eyes and showed me that life can be taken away in a split second. He brought our family closer and for that I'm forever grateful. He puts a smile on my face daily!

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