Saturday, May 4, 2013

Full Bio

   I'm a true Mississippi girl, born and raised, and I'm proud of that! I was born in 90 so yes I'm a 90's baby! I was born into a well, let's just say this a family that was already a family lol! I always pick at my mom that I was a mistake. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. My oldest brother is 17 years older than me, my other brother is 15 years older than me and my sister is 12 years older than me, so yes I consider myself an opps but oh so glad I was! I have a wonderful mom and dad that I love more than anything! My mom is my best friend and yes I'm a true daddy's girl at heart! I was raised in a very and I mean very small town  community. We didn't have a store or anything! I went to a very small 1A school that at the time I loved.
   My dad was/is a preacher so I was raised in church and yes I'm a christian! We lived in 2 different towns growing up and always  traveled, (yes that's where I get my love for traveling). Since I was so much younger than my siblings it was like I was the only child after about the age of 9. I traveled alot with just myself and my parents. I remember getting in the car on the weekend and us just riding with no destination in mind.

    I played soccer and tennis in my teen years and yes I love both sports to this day (even though I don't play anymore). About the ages of 12-13 I went through alot of medical problems where no one knew (and still to this day,never knew) what was wrong. 

   I don't say I have any regrets because I learned from my many mistakes, but if I could take some things back and re-do them, I would in a heartbeat. In my teen years I got mixed up in the wrong crowd. I hung out with people I shouldn't and I'm thankful to be alive now. I did a lot of stupid stuff like most teens. I put my friends and what I was doing ahead of my family and that's what I wish I could change the most. I hurt my family pretty bad (even if they won't say I did) during those times. 

  I finally got serious in college and changed my major to Criminal Justice and that's when I truly opened my eyes and changed my lifestyle.

  Soon after that is when I met my now husband. Now, I live in Huntsville Alabama with two amazing kids that I love more than life itself.  To read more about my family click here!

Where have you traveled?
  Well I have never flown but one day I hope to do so. Saying that, everything I've went  anywhere it's been driving. I like it that way, because I like to explore. If I see a cute little store on the side of the road, I can stop in! Meet the locals, eat at the diners, and just explore America.

I've been all over the state of Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. 
I've been to New York City and can not wait to go back.
I've been to New Orleans more times than I can count.
I've been all over the Florida Panhandle.
I've been to Atlanta, GA.
I've been to Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio,West Virginia, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland,Delaware, and Pennsylvania. 

My all time favorite cities are New York City and Nashville.

If I could go anywhere where would it be?
Back to NYC. Go to Washington DC, Dallas Texas, Hollywood. 
Overseas: Paris, London, and Italy.

Little things about me:
I hate comedy shows but catch myself laughing at them.
I'm a smoker that is trying so hard to quit.
I love Dr. Pepper. No I seriously have to have one almost everyday.
I love anything pasta related.
I'm seriously a cheapskate. I hate to pay full price for anything.
I'm a couponer. With a binder and all. Don't mess with me in the store!
I have to sleep with a comforter on me, no matter if its 100 degrees or 10.
I love chick flicks.
I make lists for everything and I do mean everything!
My cell phone and laptop is almost always dead.
I'm very anal about bills and budgeting.
My desk is always a wreck.

My dream:

I don't guess it's really a dream but it is what I want for myself and my family.

I one day want to open a consignment store. 
I want to buy old run down houses ( I mean almost falling apart) and fix them back up.
and that's pretty much it!

Wanna know more about me ask! I do live in the South and there is no such thing as nosey to me!

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