Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Remember those old dining room table chairs? Well my sister had 3 that she was going to throw away so I got them. I never knew what I would do with them but today in a split second it hit me!

So I got in my husband's shop to see what color paints where in there.
I found red.
Painted it completely.
Then decided to distress it with white.
Then I grabbed my blue spray paint out and hit it in different areas.
Took some paint and wrote welcome.

Now all of this wasn't simple.
It took me all day long to do this.
Alot of trail and error.
Then to realize the paint was oil based so therefore it would not come off of my hands which then in turn ended up all over the house.

The finished product- I'm not totally happy with it but it's my first one so I'm ok with it

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