Wednesday, April 24, 2013

$60 adds up!

Power Bill

Today, the power bill came in. Some hate that, normally I do. Today though, I was excited. I called my husband while he was working for him to share my excitement. You might think I'm crazy but I was jumping for joy.

You see last month about the middle of the month, I told my husband put me up a clothes line outside. Yeah we live in the middle of the city in a nice neigborhood, let's be country and put a clothesline up! Well, everyday that it was pretty outside I would hang our clothes to dry. 

Instead of using the dishwasher to wash dishes, I hand washed every one of them. It started to seem I had to wash them before and after the dishwasher anyhow so why not get them clean the first time. 

There was some pretty hot days in Alabama last month instead of turning my AC on like normal, I just raised the windows.

What do you know, our power bill was $60 cheaper and even had 4 more days than the last month.

To some , $60 isn't alot. Ok that's great for you. For us, that's $60 that could go to another bill, go towards debt, or go towards saving for a new car.

That's $720 a year!
 My next goal, to get it $20 cheaper than this month. 
I'll let you know if I do! 

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