Friday, April 26, 2013

Home Tour: Our little man's room

Well, considering he is a little boy, he should have a sports room right? Well he does, but its also an Alabama Room!

 This is his door! The vinyls we got at Target for $1.50!!!
The letters I got at Dirt Cheap, brought them home
and painted them! That tote, uh, is toys for when he can play with them
The houndstooth wreath is what was on the door at the hospital.
That deer head, kinda doesn't go with the theme, but that's my
husband's from his old room.
That golf of my husband's hobbies! 
 My daughter wasn't a crib girl so I wasn't buying a crib for him either,
pack n play sounded perfect so we brought one at a yard sale! It was in perfect
condition and only $20
The other vinyls were purchased at Wal-Mart on sale for $5
The diaper holder, my momma made that.
 That table, well my husband's boss was throwing it away.
It's not really a table, its a hamper but I made it a table.

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